34 questions to test you business management

In an article that I wrote over a few years ago (2009), I asked CEOs and their management teams to check their knowledge of the latest business thinking by asking them the following questions:

  1. What does “the long tail”, “buyology” and “free” mean to your business?
  2. Is your business concept inside or outside the pack?
  3. What is your view on generation Einstein?
  4. Which mix of the 33 strategies of war have you picked for your business going forward?
  5. Do you have a funky business?
  6. Are you an asshole, maverick, Calimero, spider, starfish, heretic, purple cow, emotional capitalist or wombat?
  7. Where are the black swans in your business?
  8. Is your business on the extinction of innovation timeline?
  9. How persuasive are you and your business model?
  10. How many of your actions are based on the collective wisdom of your organisation and/or stakeholders?
  11. How sticky are your stories?
  12. What can you learn from Apple, Sven, Rudy, Jack, Google, Dell and Shakespeare?
  13. Are you running a happy organisation?
  14. Are you smart or outsmart?
  15. Are you a Shackleton or a Scott?
  16. Are you running a good or great business?

I did the same for 2012

  1. As a business, are you killing giants or being killed as a giant?
  2. Do you master your talent?
  3. What are the unintended consequences of your business decisions?
  4. How many MBAs do you employ? How many artists?
  5. Which balance sheet do you use? (Assets and liabilities or Talent, idea pipeline, engagement, community, passion, culture)
  6. Have you embraced the  “new normal”,
  7. Is your staff hacking your workplace
  8. What can you learn from Zappos, Basecamp and Facebook?
  9. Are you poking your box and out of your mind?
  10. Do you have a future mind?
  11. What is your flash foresight telling you?
  12. Do you benchmark against the past or the future?
  13. Does your business story resonate?
  14. Does your ISO, six sigma, TQM system kill serendipity and creativity
  15. What is your ROI (Return On Innovation)
  16. Are you suffering from HIPPO syndrome
  17. Who is your Chief Culture Officer?
  18. Where is your invisible gorilla?


Since then (2018) the list has risen to 215 questions. You can read it here.

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