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The problem Bookbuzz solves

  • Your business operates in a hyper-competitive world where product, business, technology and information cycles are growing at a rapid pace.
  • What you should concern yourself about is the speed of change in business and technology, your future business model, getting the best out of your people and in a nutshell business survival.
  • 25% of all companies currently in the Fortune 100 will be a future Kodak. Being unaware is being unprepared.
  • You should be concerned about what the latest business thinking is, what the trends are, what competitor is going to blindside you in the future. And not only you should be worrying and thinking about it, EVERYBODY in your business should.
  • You don’t have to like books. You don’t have to like reading. We do the loving and reading for you.
  • It is not about books, it is not about you liking to read or hating to read. It is to ensure that the latest business thinking becomes part of your companies DNA, collective wisdom or whatever other catchphrases you want to label it with (toolset, culture, soul, team, etc.) and as a result, be better at coping with the inevitable change that is coming your way.
  • If you want to APPLY the latest thinking in your business, to engage your staff, save a lot of money and time on training and consultancy, be become more aware, improve your team dynamics, make a real cultural impact and improve your companies survival, Bookbuzz is for you.

How does it work?

You will have to do some reading and there is no way around that. It creates the platform for the discussion. Everybody reads the same pages.  We either use summaries or pick a number of selected pages from an inspiring, interesting, relevant and up to date business book. The books are always interesting and engaging. We set a context and we on focus an issue or question to set the goal and outcomes of the session. Bookbuzz then facilitates a discussion session creating a neutral platform to inspire, provoke and develop your team’s thinking and address the business issues. Solutions from within the organisation, quicker, more enjoyable, higher acceptance levels, always up to date and as a result better execution. The session takes less than two hours. Anything with a screen is banned (no phones, laptops, tablets allowed). Only coffee, tea, cookies, finger food, the books, the people and the conversation.

The magic

“The guys at Bookbuzz have struck gold. Their secret sauce is that they are changing the implicit environment behind the learning itself. As a specialist in executive behaviour change, I can attest that in terms of promoting true change within an organisation, Bookbuzz is the real deal.”

Neuroscientist Dr. Kevin J. Fleming

Slow flow

The Bookbuzz methodology mirrors “new learning”: collective, peer-to-peer, dialogue-based, experiential, cross-generational (X, Y, Z, Einstein).

• Low tech (dialogue and books)
• High engagement, non-threatening
• Significantly lowers resistance to change
• Opens the mind
• Quicker
• Sharper (books are always based on the latest thinking)
• More effective
• Fosters a common cultural framework
• Improves team dynamics
• Result- and action focused
• Cost saving on the use of the executive’s time
• Long, cascading impact
• Develops collective wisdom

The applications

• Management and leadership development
• Strategy development
• Problem solving and execution (as an alternative to consultancy)
• Content feeds with insights from the latest books
• In-house facilitator training

Public speaking

The staff of Bookbuzz are available for public speaking on the latest business thinking.


sensemaking cover

Why reinvent the wheel and why not learn from the best business thinkers? And why not use that as a platform to make better business decisions? Alone or as a team.

Sense making; morality, humanity, leadership and slow flow. A book about the 14 books about the impact and implications of technology on business and humanity.

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Ron Immink

I help companies by developing an inspiring and clear future perspective, which creates better business models, higher productivity, more profit and a higher valuation. Best-selling author, speaker, writer.

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