How to follow your heart and find your purpose

“Motivate Yourself” by Andro Donovan focusses on finding your purpose. As Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.” Unless you are a lucky person, finding your purpose is not easy. Let alone living it.

Tips to find your purpose

She has a number of tips to find out:

  • What movies or books move you and why?
  • Who are the people you admire and why?
  • Pick 8 values you want to focus on. Why?
  • Write down your value statement
  • Write down how you will activate these values in your day to day life.


She then moves into the internal dialogue. To throw in another quote, they time from Plutarch; “What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” You are what you think. With every thought and every decision you make about yourself, you seal our fate. By shifting your stance from ‘I cannot’ to ‘I can’, you will be in the running for a better, more fulfilling life.

Review the mind you live in

You need to start mapping your self-limiting beliefs and understand where they are coming from. Go for a mental detox. Review the mind you live in.

Choose to be happy

Once you have done that, then choose to be happy. Once you choose to be happy, the way you vibrate changes. Attracting you towards matter or people who are vibrating with similar energy. Energy of a certain quality or vibration tends to attract the energy of similar quality and vibration. That is why happy people are lucky people.

Listen to your heart

Life presents us with wonderful opportunities every day – if we have not clarified what’s important to us in our hearts, and understand at a deeper level why we need to be here rather than there, we will be missing the opportunities that life is offering us every day to be great, happy, fulfilled and satisfied.

Donovan’s motivational principles 

  1. Spend some time every day being silent.
  2. Be up to date in all your relationships; toxic friends and family contaminate your energy.
  3. Aim high and do your best with all your endeavours
  4. Remember you get in life what you expect and go for it.
  5. Express yourself fully in spite of perceived judgement.
  6. Try something new and leave your comfort zone regularly, this is where growth and magic happens.
  7. Express more love, appreciation and gratitude
  8. Focus on vital (life force, life enhancing, irreplaceable) versus urgent (usually someone else’s priority)

What colour is your parachute

You have heard it all before. It is hard to figure it out. What makes Ando’s book unique are the exercises as part of each chapter. It is a “What colours your parachute” for finding your purpose.


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