Strategies that smaller companies can adopt to attack the big companies

If you like”33 strategies of war” or “Art of war”, you will love “Killing Giants” by Stephen Denny. The book covers a number of strategies that smaller companies can apply to attack the big companies.

Who is your enemy

Using examples of companies who did the unthinkable, fought dirty, declared war. It all starts with (and this is from “33 strategies of war” with defining your enemy. Who is your enemy?

The strategies are:

  • Thin ice –> go places where  big companies can’t follow (too heavy)
  • Speed –> while your big competitor is organising a committee meeting, you have moved
  • Winning in the last 3 feet –> let the competitor do the work and intercept at the end (when they buy)
  • Fight dirty –> mismatch, change the rules
  • Eat the bug –> do the unthinkable
  • Polarize on purpose –> be very different to the enemy and highlight that difference
  • Seize the microphone –> dominate the conversation
  • All the wood behind the arrows –> win in the key areas
  • Show your teeth –> pursue the competitive advantage with everything you have

If you are the giant, you should be aware………


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