The human renaissance

I think there is yearning for a human renaissance. I have been stepped in books about technology, algorithms, AI, etc. And generally, humanity in those books is getting a bad wrap. We are too messy, unpredictable, emotional and inefficient. I genuinely think that humanity is under threat. You only have to read books like “Technology versus humanity“.

Humans will become pointless

Here is a quote from that book “We will become sitting ducks for manipulation and undue influence by anyone who knows how to use the system. As biology gives way to technology, our biological systems will become increasingly optional, replaceable, and finally even vestigial”. I had to look vestigial. The close translation is pointless. That is is why I wrote “Sense-making“.  A book about books about morality, humanity, leadership and slow flow.

Action is reaction

I believe that action = reaction and that there is a constant pendulum movement, with the extremes on both sides of that swing. Super tech and as a response going back to nature in extreme forms. And everything in between. Where there is a sort of long-tail within the pendulum. Companies that take a clear position on that pendulum have a competitive edge.


Books are an early indication of the pendulum. Take “Meta skills” for example. Written in 2012. A plea for feeling, seeing, making and intuitive decision making. Or “The moment of clarity“. Written in 2014. Businesses are using the wrong models to make decisions. Linear models of problem-solving based on rational and logic do not work. Particularly on problems with big levels of uncertainty, with no real understanding of the problem. It is now called quantum leadership.

Human renaissance

More and more there seems to be a yearning for a human renaissance. Where we celebrate what makes us human. How amazing our brains are. How amazing our bodies are. The wonder of the biome. The wonders of the human cell. The beauty of literature, music, paintings, architecture. Creativity. Sports. Theatre. Craft. Mastery. Our ability to transcend beyond ourselves. Our ability to connect with nature. Our sense of purpose.

Stop being mechanistic

Moving away from the mechanistic approach to life. Embracing humanity. Celebrating humanity. A robot or AI does not have a heart (yet) and does not have a soul. A robot is not (yet) linked to quantum space, where everything is possible. A robot will not get “Ask and it is given“.


That renaissance is increasingly evident in business books about climate, culture, leadership, strategy, data, education, sports and innovation. I will be happy to share those books. Drop me a line.

Sensemaking: What Makes Human Intelligence Essential in the Age of the Algorithm

Most recently (and the reason for this blog), I started reading “Sensemaking: What Makes Human Intelligence Essential in the Age of the Algorithm”. Cracking book. Highly recommended. It made my heart sing. Making a heart sing is also something only a human can understand.

sensemaking cover

Why reinvent the wheel and why not learn from the best business thinkers? And why not use that as a platform to make better business decisions? Alone or as a team.

Sense making; morality, humanity, leadership and slow flow. A book about the 14 books about the impact and implications of technology on business and humanity.

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